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Recognizing potential in every individual and situation

Training and Coaching for Science and Technical Professionals

Because your message is more powerful when shared

Would you rather write a report or present your findings to an audience? As someone with STEM skills, you may well feel comfortable writing an academic paper or advanced line of code. But does that capability extend to verbal communication? 


Conveying a message that people need to hear is the joy of science; sharing your work helps others. But if your message doesn’t connect to the audience, they are none the wiser – and that’s a real shame.  


Matthew Tosh is on a mission to ensure that your message lands with your audience, every time. He offers training and coaching to help you communicate effectively, feel comfortable doing so, and have a positive impact on your audience.


Presentation Skills

The emphasis with presentation-skills training is on presentation. Anyone can write a PowerPoint. How many people can say that they have left an impression, changed hearts and minds, or inspired action?

That’s exactly what Matthew empowers you to do.

When presenting, your audience is your co-creator! How you present to them and their reactions shape how you tell your story and make your point. Your audience is an active, willing participant in what you do. Sure, the prospect of being the centre of attention can be daunting. But get your audience onside and you’ll take them with you. 

Matthew’s background in teaching means he has faced some tough audiences! He uses his skills to equip you with the tools to inform, engage and inspire. He’s a calming influence and will remind you that the most important part of any presentation, is the audience.


Communication skills for technical and scientific staff

Science is a wonderful calling; you have a wealth of knowledge, insights, and information to share! The challenge, for many, is in the latter part – sharing.

In any vocation, there are core competencies and supporting skills. Matthew helps scientific and technical staff to sharpen those supporting communication skills. The outcome? Enhanced communication leads to better understanding among teams, more productive collaborations and greater clarity when sharing work further afield.

With a unique understanding of the challenges faced by Science Communicators, Matthew uses his experience to support others. He has presented science shows, taught science, broadcast live on radio, on television and performed on stage. He has a wealth of verbal SciComm skills and a desire to help others strive for excellence in communication.


Online communication skills and leadership

You’re great at what you do – but what about all the other responsibilities you have? Managing teams, leading people, or dealing with committees…

Whether you work in a field or a lab, at the South Pole or in a hospital, doing the work is only part of the job. Communicating your findings is an integral part of the role – to the public, a panel, or people working under your direction. 

No easy feat! Taking people with you is a skill – it’s the true mark of leadership. Communication is at the core of leadership, whether you present to delegates over Zoom or manage a remote team. Yet when communication happens online it can feel like more of a challenge.

Matthew encourages you as you develop the skills to communicate effectively online. He offers practical advice, guidance on how best to communicate, and invaluable insight into how people think and feel in response to your words, tone and body language. Matthew enables you to make the most of online communications and – more importantly – to have the maximum impact. 


Personalised coaching & direction

For those in the midst of a career shift, the waters can be choppy. Transitioning from the world of paid employment to a freelance career brings with it many new challenges. An impartial observer in the form of a coach is a marvellous thing to deliver perspective and practical help.

Coaching with Matthew fosters clarity from every angle. He provides breathing room for you to figure out what you want, what you need, and what you can offer the world. Matthew holds a safe space, somewhere you can air whatever challenge you’re facing. There’s no judgement; he simply meets you where you are and supports you as you up your game. 

His skills cross many touchpoints and Matthew can offer coaching on different aspects of SciComm. If you’ve something in mind, but you’re not sure whether Matthew can help, get in touch for an informal chat. 


High-pressure interview practice

Whether you’re confident at presenting or not, the media can be a daunting prospect for anyone. 

Media skills are a particular niche – nobody is born with them! It takes a little practise to become proficient at them and to feel confident. But the payoff is worth it! When you learn how to communicate effectively in front of a reporter, mic or camera crew, you increase the chances that the audience will ‘get it’. And when people understand the message, they can act on it. 

You may be wracked with nerves at the idea of being in front of a camera. Matthew is a calming influence. Handling explosives and coordinating many members of a team, safeguarding the public and schoolchildren necessitates a cool head. Matthew is a master at performing under pressure and brings this cool-headed outlook to his clients. 

Targeted SciComm support from a seasoned professional






Health & Safety

Matthew Tosh has extensive experience in science demonstrations, pyrotechnics, presenting, broadcasting and health and safety consultancy. He brings his enthusiasm for STEM to every job. Matthew’s approach is vigorous in its quality but flexible enough to accommodate you, wherever you are. Get in touch – there’s no obligation and you never know; it could be the start of something spectacular. 

“Matthew is a brilliant coach. His style fosters a safe, inclusive environment that nurtures success."

Lara Lalemi

Founder & CEO, Creative Tuition Collective

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