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Change one person, change the world  

Change. It doesn't have to be huge to make a difference. If you can offer another point of view, present a different perspective, and put forward an engaging experience, you might just capture someone’s imagination; the power to change someone's mind is not something to take lightly. And that’s exactly what Matthew Tosh aims for every day, no matter who he’s working with.

An inspiring experience can change the trajectory of a life, alter the direction of a career. It begins with two people, a simple conversation, and a small action.

Health and Safety is the gateway to inspiring others 

It’s time to change the script. To challenge the narrative that has held sway for too long. You know the one – that Health and Safety is a killjoy, concocted by someone wielding a clipboard and calculated to stop you in your tracks.


Done properly, Health and Safety enables positive experiences, it doesn’t stifle them. This belief is core to Matthew’s work. Not only are his Risk Assessments thorough enough to stand up to the highest scrutiny, they help to bring your vision to life. After all, it’s often in the constraints that true creativity emerges.

The answer always starts with ‘Yes’… 

‘Yes’ is Matthew’s natural state. His creativity, breadth of experience, and his commitment to enabling change mean he comes with a ‘can-do’ attitude. 

Underlining this positivity is his unshakable belief in the ability of Health and Safety to empower people and experiences.

…except when it's ‘No’ 

‘No’ is the last resort, and there’s always a good reason for it. If every avenue has been explored, all options examined, budgets and timetables poured over, only then will Matthew consider ‘No’.


And while Matthew comes from a natural place of yes, there is one thing he will not compromise on.


If it’s not safe to fire that pyro display, if it’s not safe to enact that science stunt, you can rest assured that you won’t be dealing with a ‘Yes’ man.

Audience comes first  

Underpinning all of the above are Matthew’s guiding principles: That the audience comes first and that everyone is equal. Matthew passionately believes that everyone in the audience deserves to enjoy the show, feel informed and engaged, no matter who they are, where they are, or what their prior knowledge of the subject matter.


So, when he says ‘Yes’ where other Health and Safety advisors have shied away, it’s with the audience’s experience in mind.


When he gently challenges you, it’s because he knows you are capable of more; of giving the audience an even more engaging performance.


And when he presents, broadcasts, creates, speaks or coaches, every demonstration, every word, is carefully chosen to engage and inspire the audience. Because their experience comes first. Every time.

About Matthew  

In 2001, when he started on his journey as a science teacher, Matthew was acting on a life-long fascination with figuring out the answer to the question ‘How does it work?’ Now he could help young people to follow their own curiosity. Matthew loved the impact he could have on young minds; one engaging experiment could change their way of thinking! 

It was this enduring question that led Matthew to add another string to his bow. Intrigued by the fireworks that closed the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta one year, Matthew approached the operatives and asked – ‘How does that work?’ Curiosity and determination saw Matthew qualify as a pyrotechnician. Eventually, he incorporated pyrotechnics into his classroom demos, after realising that children were fascinated by fireworks and it was a great way to engage their attention. Safely, of course!

A stint as a project manager overseeing major educational initiatives was a pivotal moment. Responsible for managing the initial series of STEM Challenges for schools, inspired by London 2012, Matthew honed his organisational skills while delivering something he passionately believes in. Besides this, Matthew coordinated the support for the Government-funded STEM clubs, ensuring they fulfilled an educational enrichment mission and supporting teachers and club leaders with what they needed to help participants thrive.


Enthused by his love of sharing knowledge, Matthew took up an opportunity to present television. Teachers TV was his debut, where he covered various issues as a roving reporter. It was here that two worlds collided: Teaching and presenting. Matthew fully realised the power of connecting with an audience through performance and he began to develop his own stage shows. The aim? To educate people, give them an experience to remember and perhaps even change their perception. To this day, Matthew can still be found presenting on live radio.

Since then, Matthew’s career has gone from strength to strength. He now works as a consultant in Health & Safety and with those developing their own stage shows. His coaching and training support both early-stage professionals and those seeking to change careers. Matthew is dedicated to the education of young people. And while he is no longer a secondary school teacher, he regularly delivers his stage shows in education settings.

In recent years, Matthew’s teaching skill has found a home in a different kind of classroom. He has received several teaching commissions at universities around the world: Monash University (Australia), the University of Bath (UK) and Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (Portugal). Working with the teachers, scholars and leaders of tomorrow, he helps them develop SciComm skills, as well as the tools and confidence to share their message. Matthew’s guiding principle is to effect change – through his work, he hopes that others will have the skills to continue this in future.

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