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Audience first. Always


Putting a presenter in front of an audience is a risk. It’s a high-pressured environment that involves a great deal of trust in your presenter. Not only to do the job well but to communicate an important message in such a way that it lands with those watching. It requires the individual to have charisma, enthusiasm, and the ability to bring an audience on board.  


Matthew Tosh brings those qualities and years of experience as a presenter. Cool-headed, focused, and with the audience always at the front of his mind, you can rely on Matthew to deliver a message that connects.


Festivals (stage shows) 

Any audience wants a memorable experience from the performer they are watching. Even more so at a festival: The events are bigger, the stakes higher and the audience expectations are greater. So how will your event give it to them? 


Experienced presenter Matthew Tosh can help. His mastery of presenting live shows has been cultivated over years of practice: At festivals, events, on television and radio. Matthew’s live broadcast experience means he understands there is only one opportunity to get it right. One shot to give the festivalgoers an experience that will persuade them to return next year… 


Clients frequently comment on Matthew’s showmanship. His skill in presenting stage shows and demonstrations is considerable and he enjoys giving the audience an experience to remember. Matthew’s varied background – from science teacher to pyrotechnician – means he is cool under pressure. His enthusiastic demeanour and his ability to connect with an audience make him an asset to any science festival or stage show setting, especially when time is short and the pressure is on.


Event Host

How do you feel about public speaking? If it’s up there with walking over a bed of nails, don’t worry! Most people feel that way. That’s where an experienced event host really makes a difference. Not just as a speaker, but by bringing the event to life.  


With years as a school teacher, presenter and broadcaster under his belt, Matthew is adept at holding the attention of even the liveliest of audiences. His confidence and stage presence reassure the audience that they are in safe hands, helping them to relax and enjoy it. After all, anything can happen at a live event! Thinking on his feet, Matthew will keep the ship steady and the proceedings on course.  


With a particular niche in awards ceremonies and fireworks events, Matthew’s ability to engage and connect with an audience makes a big difference. Particularly where the event is live, and anything could happen! 



All you need for a voiceover, is someone who sounds great – isn’t it?  


What about someone who is conversant with the subject matter? Someone who’s spent his career communicating with audiences in many different forms? Someone who understands the impact of tone, emphasis, and posture – because, yep, posture is important even when all you hear is the voice.  


Matthew delivers on every front. A former science teacher, he’s innately aware of the impact of the human voice. And that subject knowledge makes him ideally placed to cover science-related topics. He understands the nuances in the script that others may miss. This unique blend of skills, plus extensive experience in broadcasting, enables Matthew not only to vocalise the script, but to bring it to life.



Broadcast-quality audio: the holy grail in the land of radio production. What’s the use of capturing a blistering insight if the sound quality renders it unintelligible?  


For many years, this is what Matthew has been delivering. High-quality audio from a home studio that enables him to work remotely for anyone that needs him. Matthew has broadcast on radio and television, both live and pre-recorded. This familiarity with scripts gives him the ability to make the audio sound natural. The outcome? Content that’s engaging and draws the listener in.  


Not only does this play out in a presenting and news reading fashion for the likes of BCFM and ShoutOut, it also lends itself to the work he does as a pyrotechnician. Matthew is available for comment on all things pyrotechnic and has been hired by major players in the industry to be their spokesperson to the media.  


Matthew’s radio credits are varied, but a particular highlight is hosting an annual event. Each year he hosts the National 12-bell Striking Contest final. Broadcasting live and with listeners around the world, it’s an exciting event that draws on all of Matthew’s radio broadcasting skills to communicate with listeners.


Television & On Screen 

Matthew was a science teacher for years, thinking on his feet, answering unexpected questions and remaining calm under pressure every day; skills that are easily transferable to the unpredictable world of broadcasting.  


Matthew got his television start on Teachers TV, in the mid-noughties. His unique understanding of the audience helped him to convey the messages clearly. As a scientist, SciComm trainer, presenter and senior pyrotechnician, Matthew can confidently handle a range of subjects, picking up the intricacies that only those on the inside would know. For producers, directors and technical crews, this makes life a lot easier, as you can be sure the finished product will be professional and – most importantly – received well by the audience. 

Targeted SciComm support from a seasoned professional




Health & Safety

Matthew Tosh has extensive experience in science demonstrations, pyrotechnics, presenting, broadcasting and health and safety consultancy. He brings his enthusiasm for STEM to every job. Matthew’s approach is vigorous in its quality but flexible enough to accommodate you, wherever you are. Get in touch – there’s no obligation and you never know; it could be the start of something spectacular. 

“Matthew's flexibility, professionalism and commitment make him an absolute pleasure to work with."

Carolyn Milford

Producer, BCFM, The One Love Breakfast

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