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Carve a Career…

BE AWESOME! Live Show 

A thought-provoking session that opens the minds of an audience that is either beginning their career or wants to mindfully shape it.


How do you design a career portfolio that’s diverse, exciting and constantly challenging? In Matthew's case, it started out with Matthew’s hobbies: Taking an interest in technology, being fascinated with an old tape recorder, dismantling things and re-building them. It continued with studying the STEM subjects and progressed thanks to keeping an open mind. 

The session winds through delightfully diverse tangents such as the importance of hard work, life skills and the power of curiosity. Matthew Tosh explains how interest, enthusiasm and determination will open doors. By sharing his own journey, Matthew asks others to consider where they are on theirs.


More than a talk, this is an experience. Matthew demonstrates media, broadcasting, live event case studies, foreign language skills, special effects for TV & film and, pyrotechnics. Combining visuals, audio and storytelling, the experience prompts further dialogue, questions and answers. On a practical level, the session reinforces the importance of self-belief, building networks and the power of an open mind.


Stigma is the antithesis of many things in life, and one stigma can be particularly hard to break: The stigma around failure. Matthew explains how the audience can turn failures into powerful learning opportunities and develop strength and resilience.


As an active LGBT equality advocate, Matthew illustrates how being open about mental health, encouraging diversity and mutual respect have been key to success. This is a thought-provoking experience to help open the minds of the audience as they begin to carve their own paths and create amazing careers.


Duration is usually 1 hour, but can be adjusted to fit your timetable.



Full health and safety management of the session is provided, along with a venue-specific risk assessment, liaison with your site managers and technical staff. £5m public liability is included as standard.


Expected outcomes 

  • Appreciate the power of an open mind. 

  • Understand how opportunity can arise from failure. 

  • Learn why determination and curiosity make a formidable partnership. 

  • For schools in particular:  

  • Students have the chance to meet a role model for positive mental health and the LGBT community.  

  • Helps schools meet Gatsby Career Benchmarks 4 and 5, whilst contributing towards Benchmarks 1 and 2. 

  • Links classroom STEM skills and learning to the real working world. 

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