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Real Science or Just Bangs?


The Science of Fireworks Live Show 


Explore the colourful and explosive world of pyrotechnics as Matthew Tosh deconstructs the STEM that’s behind firework displays.

He'll demonstrate how to create colours, sound effects, shock waves and bursts perfectly timed to music, whilst ensuring that displays are safe. Fully customisable to fit your theatre, school hall, or special event and featuring genuine indoor fireworks, this is an exciting and dramatic show driven by real science.


Matthew’s dynamic shows take him to schools, colleges and festivals across the UK. He is an experienced presenter and a professional pyrotechnician, so you always get the real deal with Matthew! Audiences will also get a sneak peek behind the scenes at what it’s really like to work in this unusual industry.


As a former science teacher, you can be sure that Matthew will provide an engaging, exciting experience that is perfectly pitched for your audience.


Skills and experience 

Matthew’s career spans teaching, pyrotechnics, broadcasting and project management. He taught science for five years and became known for his extraordinary, creative and visual demonstrations. He is a senior pyrotechnics supervisor, responsible for managing crews and firework safety at many professional fireworks displays around the UK. Matthew also provides safety advice for demonstrations at science festivals, on TV shows and science tours, so you can be sure of his dedication to safe – and exciting – shows.


Matthew will liaise with your site managers and technical staff and full health and safety management of the show is provided, along with a venue-specific risk assessment. PLEASE NOTE: Matthew does not issue a template risk assessment as each show is tailored – and risk assessed – for the particular venue. £5m public liability is included as standard.


Expected outcomes 

  • Audiences gain an increased awareness of how a broad range of STEM skills are used in the live events industry and beyond.

  • A new appreciation for how creativity and science are two sides of the same coin. 

  • For schools in particular:  

  • The show references classroom practicals and teaching, so that students can make the link between what is done in lessons and the real working world. 

  • Depending on the format and individual school objectives, the show demonstrates the chemistry of colours, rates of reaction, forces, pressure, energy pathways and power, plus examples of mathematical modelling, control systems, safety and probability. 

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