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Destination: Inspiration

Health and safety is a gateway to inspiring others.

The best experiences are the safest experiences. Especially when you’re delivering an event to large groups of people, presenting to children and young people or handling explosives. That’s where Health and Safety comes into play – a necessary, but tiresome, evil?  


That’s exactly the outlook that Matthew Tosh intends to challenge. With years of working in the fireworks industry, Matthew has seen time and again that Health and Safety enables incredible experiences. Where there are constraints, it encourages you to be extra creative with how to connect with an audience. That’s the hidden beauty of Health and Safety that Matthew helps his clients uncover.

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Science festivals and events

Have you ever heard the saying, “Health and Safety is a gateway to inspiring others”?  


Perhaps you’re more familiar with the typical outlook on Health and Safety: It’s “stifling”, it’s the “fun police”, it’s a “limiting factor.” Or, the old classic – it’s a “tick-box exercise.” 


Matthew is here to bust those myths – without compromising on the impact of your show or event. The quote at the top is Matthew’s; it’s his firm belief that a positive H&S culture leads to better events. Matthew wants your festival, event, or show to succeed, and that’s exactly why he’s so passionate about Health and Safety.  


His role as a senior pyrotechnician means that Matthew is confident and used to managing risk, while upholding the highest safety standards. What’s more, Matthew is an experienced presenter and former teacher. He knows what’s required to aid the audience’s understanding of something. And working with chemicals, explosives, flames, and children taught him a thing or two about operating safely! If you’ve any doubts about the viability of your ideas, run them past Matthew – he’d be pleased to help. 


STEM shows and activity development 

Often seen as the limiting factor, Health and Safety gets a bad rap. But in STEM shows, as with many aspects of life, the parameters are really where the creativity emerges… Imagine, if you will, if ballet had no accepted standards of movement. If football had no offside rule. Or if any chess piece could go anywhere on the board. Where would the beauty and magic be?! 


Matthew will hear out your concerns and frustrations. He’ll take the time to understand your objective. And the advice he gives aims not only to get Health and Safety approval, but to give your message the best chance of leaving a positive impression on the audience.  


Matthew has successfully delivered demonstrations as a science teacher. He’s been responsible for the safety of national science show tours. And he’s supervised major fireworks events. At every step, Health and Safety has enabled his ideas and those of his clients.  


Perhaps Matthew could enable yours too?  


Tour safety management 

On the road with your STEM engagement? There is a lot to think about when touring – especially when there are various hazards thrown into the mix. From logistics management to the safe transportation of kit and crew, Matthew’s approach to safety leaves nothing to chance.  


And with Matthew on hand, all of the above is off your plate. As a Health and Safety advisor and former project manager, he’ll carry out robust risk assessments for venues of varying capacity and size as well as for your logistics plans. He’ll also have the difficult conversations with the venue’s team, ensuring at every stage that they take their responsibilities seriously.  


When Matthew manages the safety of a tour, he essentially enables a team of experts – presenter, lighting technician, sound engineer, special effects consultant… they can all do their job so the whole show comes together seamlessly.  


Why can you trust Matthew with this? He’s on the inside. He’s a teacher, a scientist, pyrotechnician and a presenter himself. He understands the nuances of the job at hand, so your tour goes with a strategically-placed bang!, not a whimper. 


Presenter MOTs  

How’s your Health and Safety confidence? Would you feel prepared to walk into a venue with all you need to deliver an incredible – and safe – show?  


If the answer’s not a resounding ‘yes’ then perhaps it’s time to re-think your strategy. Matthew offers coaching and consulting to help you square the paperwork, increase your confidence, and prepare you to connect with audiences effectively. 


His thorough approach helps you to anticipate potential risks. Talking over your ideas with Matthew in a calm, safe space gives you clarity on what you need from the venue to operate safely. And for your clients, it gives them the assurance that your show has been well thought out and carefully risk assessed. That you take it seriously and are a trusted individual, capable of delighting audiences.  


Matthew’s planned many events over the years, run tours and completed innumerable risk assessments, one of which was held up as exemplary by the Royal Institution of Great Britain. He’s also an experienced presenter himself; he knows how it feels to be standing in front of someone with the power to say ‘no’. When you work with Matthew, you say ‘yes’ to safer shows, more confident delivery and amazing experiences for your audience.

Targeted SciComm support from a seasoned professional





Matthew Tosh has extensive experience in science demonstrations, pyrotechnics, presenting, broadcasting and health and safety consultancy. He brings his enthusiasm for STEM to every job. Matthew’s approach is vigorous in its quality but flexible enough to accommodate you, wherever you are. Get in touch – there’s no obligation and you never know; it could be the start of something spectacular. 

“He is supportive, solutions-focussed and always wants to make sure we CAN do everything we want to at Festival time no matter how bizarre the request."

Helena Bibby

Director of People, Cheltenham Festivals

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