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Changing Lives

If you work in education, you’ll no doubt recognise what a privilege it is to shape the lives of young people. One conversation, one lesson, an engaging demonstration... that’s all it takes to change someone’s perspective and – potentially – change a life.
It’s with this mix of enthusiasm and respect for education that Matthew approaches his work. He is dedicated to the development of young people. His background as a science teacher, his experience as a trainer and coach, and his long career as a communicator make him an asset in any educational setting. Matthew understands what is required, puts people at ease, and treats all as equals.
The impact is an inspirational body of work that engages, connects, and motivates those who are shaping the rest of their lives.



Fireworks: Real Science or Just Bangs?

Fireworks: Real Science or Just Bangs is an exciting, colourful live show designed to delight audiences while demonstrating genuine STEM skills. Audiences will be guided through a series of dazzling effects by experienced science presenter and pyrotechnician Matthew Tosh. By the end they’ll not only have witnessed a spectacle, they’ll have a better grasp of how scientific theory works in practice through the medium of indoor fireworks. Oh, and an intriguing look behind the scenes at an unusual industry!


The FX Factor

If there’s anything cooler than a mind-blowing special effect, it’s getting to know how it works. In this heart-pumping live show, Matthew Tosh walks audiences through the science behind stage effects. Unpicking popular effects and demonstrating how they work, audiences are sure to remember the experience for a long time to come


Carve a Career

More than a talk, this is an experience designed specifically for those who are at the start of their career. Matthew shares examples of his work across exciting and varied industries and the audience will learn how STEM skills play an important role in the world of work. With this show, Matthew encourages his audience to reflect on how their talents, interests, and hobbies shape who they are. Upbeat, positive, and inclusive, the aim is to inspire young people. To help them realise that an exciting career emerges at the juncture of their unique interests, skills, and opportunities.


Science communication (teaching/lecturing)

Communication. Messaging. Clarity. What do those words mean to you? And what do they mean to the leaders, scientists and changemakers of tomorrow?


Matthew supports students as they consider this question. His work at Monash University sees him lead workshops on the Global Challenges degree programme to enable students’ growing professionalism. The course, the first of its kind in Australia, is designed to equip excellent science students with the skills to make a real difference to the challenges the world faces.


That’s where Matthew comes in. A head for science isn’t enough. There’s a clear need for leadership, innovation, inspiration, and more. By helping students to develop SciComm skills, Matthew plays a role in shaping those careers. The outcome? Those students can effect change themselves.


His approach is beneficial for any course director who hopes to inspire independent thinkers. Matthew equips students with the ability to self-reflect – not only under his supervision, but as they move forwards in their careers.


As a masterclass leader with FameLab International, he’s helped many people become comfortable with the mechanics of presenting while developing a style that’s uniquely theirs.


Developing Science demonstration skills

Future teachers, communicators and scientists hold the education of our young people in their hands. They have the opportunity to inspire, shape and motivate the next generation of professionals. 


That’s an exciting thought! And a big responsibility too. Matthew works with PGCE students to help them hone their science demonstration skills. With stronger skills in this arena, all stand to benefit. The teachers are more confident communicators, which gives the children a better chance of understanding. And drawing on his own background as a teacher and Health and Safety consultant, Matthew equips the teachers with the ability to deliver safe demonstrations. 


The audience is at the centre of Matthew’s work; even if that audience is an individual in a 1:1 session. And for those people who are demonstrating outside the classroom, maybe as a theatre show? Well, Matthew’s support helps you to draw the audience in – developing your ideas and your existing presentation skills into something that captures the audience and results in a better experience, show and educational message

Targeted SciComm support from a seasoned professional






Health & Safety

Matthew Tosh has extensive experience in science demonstrations, pyrotechnics, presenting, broadcasting and health and safety consultancy. He brings his enthusiasm for STEM to every job. Matthew’s approach is vigorous in its quality but flexible enough to accommodate you, wherever you are. Get in touch – there’s no obligation and you never know; it could be the start of something spectacular. 

“Highly-entertaining and visually stimulating. Would recommend and book in the future."

Michelle  Francis

Director of Science, North Durham Academy

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