Change one person,
change the world

Change. It doesn't have to be huge to make a difference. If you can offer another point of view, present a different perspective, and put forward an engaging experience, you might just capture someone’s imagination; the power to change someone's mind is not something to take lightly. And that’s exactly what Matthew Tosh aims for every day, no matter who he’s working with.

An inspiring experience can change the trajectory of a life, alter the direction of a career. It begins with two people, a simple conversation, and a small action.

Life-changing, inspiring, engaging

About Matthew Tosh

In 2001, when he started out as a science teacher, Matthew was acting on a life-long fascination with figuring out the answer to the question ‘How does it work?’ Now he could help young people to follow their own curiosity. Matthew loved the impact he could have on young minds; one engaging experiment could change their way of thinking!

No matter what Matthew works on, or with whom, equality is at the heart of all he does.

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Matthew’s website is undergoing a complete re-design. This is a temporary site which gives you a tiny glimpse of what’s to come. If you would like to get in touch with Matthew about his work or to make a booking, then you can do that from this page.