“Very professional, all-encompassing talks… events organisation coupled with the physics equations of motion, together with excited electrons… it really had something for everyone and at all levels. Everyone enjoyed Matthew’s presentation style too.”
Dr Bob Mudd, Section Leader for Science and Maths (Bridgwater College)

“Highly-entertaining and visually stimulating. Would recommend and book in the future.”
– Michelle Francis, Director of Science (North Durham Academy)

“It’s always a pleasure working with Matthew, his professional and affable nature, both on and off camera, make for a great working environment. Having worked with him in a number of situations on different productions, Matthew has proven to be great presenting in the studio or on location. Flexible and adaptable to last minute changes and challenges that shoots can throw into play, always enthusiastic and focussed on getting the job done to the highest possible standard.”
– Matt Grover, Assistant Producer (Brook Lapping)

“He is great on stage. His shows are really well-paced, not too technical but with plenty of science. Matthew is able to engage students of a wide range of ages and abilities”
– Angela McKeown, Regional Coordinator (Royal Society of Chemistry)

“I thought the training day was the best yet! Matthew was an excellent trainer and had clearly done his homework. He was very approachable, friendly, constructive and encouraging and gave some very useful tips and points to think about when presenting on camera. I hope we can work with him again.”
Public Weather Service Forecaster (The Met Office)

“His flexibility, professionalism and commitment make him an absolute pleasure to work with. He is a fantastic news reader, writing, editing and presenting.  He has also stepped up to the challenge of hosting the breakfast show when needed (usually at short notice) and it has felt seemless, as if he has been there all along. He is brimming with ideas, and extremely knowledgeable.”
Carolyn Milford, Assistant Producer (BCfm)

“Matthew is very talented as a presenter and voice over artist. His unique voice fits so well in such a range of areas and his ability to make complex text seem totally understandable is a gift. Matthew is very personable as well as being very professional, because he is so easy to get on with, working with him is always enjoyable.”
– Emma Johnston, Producer (A JEM Production)

“Matthew is a fantastic talent who really enthuses his knowledge of science. He’s also a great pleasure to work with.”
– Ian Tonge, Producer/Director (Glasshead)

“Matthew presented to EYFS, KS1 and KS2 children, adjusting his presentation to perfectly match the learning needs of all three age groups. All three groups were wholly attentive, engaged and excited. Matthew is an excellent presenter.”
– Jill Wilson, Headteacher (The Gleddings Preparatory School)

“Matthew was an entertaining presenter, explained the science very well and captivated the audience’s attention all the way through without having to resort to too many flashes or bangs – though everyone obviously appreciated those he did produce. The talk touched on many aspects of chemistry I have covered at school recently, so was very useful in that respect.”
– Julia Dungworth, Science Teacher (feedback on a Royal Institution lecture)

“Matthew is a great presenter who comes across very well on camera and is also a pleasure to work with and is always very flexible to meet the various needs and demands of TV production. I have hired him several times as an expert in science and maths and have never been disappointed. I highly recommend him!”
– Anna Melin, Production Manager (Brook Lapping)

“Matthew is a fantastic, enthusiastic and informative presenter. It is clear that he knows and loves his subject, and can inform others with passion and humour. He developed an indoor pyrotechnics show to close my Conference, and wove a detailed processes picture throughout his dramatic delivery. From the feedback I received from the delegates subsequently, it was clear that he has had a profound effect on their learning. I could not have asked for more.”
– Katy Bloom, Professional Development Leader (Myscience.co Ltd)

“It is always a complete pleasure to work with Matthew. His enthusiasm for science and engaging young people in STEM is always wonderful to see in action. Nothing is ever a problem and he has a very flexible, professional approach. I hope to work with him again soon.”
– Clare Dimond, STEM Manager (Graphic Science)

“Matthew is an excellent presenter: Amusing, engaging and enthusiastic, he communicates scientific concepts clearly and with a bit of extra ‘sparkle’ beyond the norm!”
– Lindsay Hetherington, PGCE Tutor (University of Exeter)

“Matthew came to visit and it was a brilliant experience. His talk was very well pitched, and demonstrations were excellent – from the different types of fuse to the complete firework. It was well worth the money, and our students got a lot out of it.”
– Matt Day, Head of ICT (Chosen Hill School)